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Stories about the interview process - during the interview

Every participant in your research will differ in terms of their expectation of the interview process and the resources which they bring to the interview.

First, what are some of the expectations which participants have in terms of the process of the interview?

Some participants may expect that you go directly to the "heart of the matter" as soon as the interview starts. They do not want to deal with preliminary matters such as providing background information about themselves or their organisations. If you had, beforehand, indicated to them that you wanted to discuss a particular matter they come to the interview focused on only discussing that matter. If you deviate just a little bit from their expectation they begin to get a tad uncomfortable or worse, irritated.

What do you do when you are confronted with such a situation? Explain to your participant the relevance of the information which you are seeking to your understanding of the main matter under discussion but gentl…