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The future of teachers in the classroom in developing countries

The change in the educational landscape with the most far reaching effects is the adoption and use of Information and Communication Technologies in classrooms. Of course, these effects may be more visible in the developed world than in the developing world, which for the obvious reason, are lagging behind the developed world in the wide scale adoption and use of technology in the classroom.

Michael Godsey in an article in The Atlantic asks the question: When kids can get their lessons from the Internet, what's left for classroom instructors to do? In this article, he presents his vision of the future of education and the role of the teacher in his envisioned future educational landscape. Read God set's article here.

For many teachers today, their role in the classroom is unambiguous. They see their role in the following light:

to physically attend school each dayto prepare lessons before handto deliver these lessons face to face to their students, to assess their students' …