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About me

My name is Janette Fuller. I am from the lush parish of Portland in Jamaica. Portland is known  for its copious amounts of rainfall. It really captures the essence of the name the Tainos (formerly, Arawak Indians) gave to Jamaica, Xamaca - the land of wood  and water.

If you listen carefully, you may hear the flow of the water down in the valley.
Work life
I am a teacher by profession. I am trained to teach English Language  and Literature  to students  at the secondary level of the Education system. However, over the years I have expanded my teaching portfolio by teaching other subjects - Government  and Politics, Sociology, Public Sector Management courses, other courses in Management, Law, among others. I'm willing to stretch the limits of my knowledge, so I'm a continuous  learner.

This is me at one of the many educational  institutions  in which I have worked.
I have  written  two books. 

These books are available here. The first, 'Investing in Our Success: A glimpse into our world' provides the reader with a glimpse into the psyche of the Jamaican person. The second, 'The Teacher's Gift' explores teaching and the teacher's role in this profession.

I believe that I have  a few more books in me that  I will write one day, hopefully soon.

My blogs emerged from my passions. I am an educator who loves to write.

I started Education Explored as a result of my discoveries from studies in Education that I began in 2012. It was really a space where I reflected  on the issues with which I was grappling during  my research. I decided  to share these reflections with you in 2013.

Writing Wisdom Tree emerged after publishing my first book in 2014. It is a space where I share bits of my books with you, my writings on issues of interest, and the writings of established and emerging writers.

Other interests

When I am not teaching or writing or editing the work of others, I may be found reading indiscriminately, trying to understand the pets who share my space, baking and wandering from place to place, enjoying the world and engaging in very amateur photography.

Meet Jace, very mischievous pup

Meet Gracie. She has been a loyal pet for more than a decade and a half.

My version of a jam roll

Trying to get the perfect shot

At Giza in Egypt
I hold a Diploma in Teaching (Secondary English Language and Literature), a in Communication and an MSc. degree in Government.

Contact details
If you would like to talk, I may be contacted at I hope that you will find something useful, something inspiring and something to share as you browse this blog. Welcome!


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